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  • A fast, capable, straightforward non-linear Editor and Analyser for transport streams (.ts and .m2ts) - e.g. camcorder (AVCHD), recorded TV, Blu-Ray Disc (BD), etc
  • Can edit (cut) commercials from captured sources with assisted commercial detection
  • Advanced technical features for expert users
  • Wide compatibility with input stream types and sources


Supported Video Formats:
  • MPEG2
  • H.264
  • VC-1
Supported Audio Formats:
  • Dolby Digital AC-3
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby Digital Lossless
  • MLP
  • DTS
  • DTS HD
  • AAC
  • MPEG1 Audio
  • MPEG2 Audio
  • PCM
  • Non-Destructive Intelligent Seamless GOP editing
  • No re-encoding of original stream: preserve Original Quality
  • I-frame to I-frame and P-frame to I-frame accurate
  • Completely Clean Editing: no video or audio glitches at edit points
  • Audio and Video Frame structure preserved - no broken packets
  • Cut commercials from captured sources
  • Elementary Stream Header Decode
  • PAT (Program Association Table) Decode
  • PMT (Program Map Table) Decode
  • CAT (Conditional Access Table) Decode
  • PSI (Program Specific Information) Descriptor Decode
  • Near Instantaneous Commercial Editing (NICE) System
  • Fast detection of missing streams
  • Check Timestamp Gaps in PTS, PCR, DTS
  • Check Continuity Counters
  • Check TEI Error Flags
  • Report Timestamp Wraparounds
  • Report PID list
  • Report Elementary Stream Attributes
  • Import scans from other utilities
  • Fix Timestamp Gaps
  • Fix Continuity Errors
  • Resync Audio by specifying an offset
  • Fix and Regenerate PAT and PMTs
  • Correct PCR pointer in PMTs
  • Remove broken Audio and Video Packets
  • Fix Timestamp Wraparounds
  • Strip Unwanted Streams - e.g. unwanted audio languages
  • Remove missing Streams from PSI tables
  • Strip Null Packets
  • Convert M2TS to standard TS (for Camcorder AVCHD and BD streams - note: copy free only)
  • Extract Core Audio from HD Audio Streams
  • Demux Elementary Streams with or without PES headers
  • Selective Demux of certain streams
  • Edit and Demux in one operation
  • Video Preview uses installed DirectShow filters
  • Preview edit position for fine adjustment
  • Test edits immediately using the Integrated Viewer
  • Fast disk to disk editing
  • Compile edits using the EDL (Edit Decision List)
  • Create Markers to bookmark positions of interest
  • Save and Load EDL and Marker List files
  • Drag and Drop multi-part files for joining with automatic sorting

Some of our Clients:

BBC, Britsh Sky Broadcasting, British Telecom, Dolby Labs, Google, Hauppauge, Motorola, Sony

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