TSPE Professional Version 0.810 (15/12/09) Alpha

Main Loaded H264 Decode Timeline

What's New?

Windows 7 Support

The screenshot above was taken on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with TSPE running in 64-bit mode.

GUI Update

  • New icons for buttons, icon for main application.
  • Transport and Stream Navigation Buttons can now be customised by right clicking on the buttons and selecting the buttons you want to view.

  • Navigation Buttons

    Transport Buttons


  • PIDLine

    • PIDLine
    • Shows distribution of packets according to PID.
    • Above shows Video packets in blue, audio packets in red, table packets in grey, PCR packets in black.
    • Marks above the PIDLine show the start of an I-Frame, marks below show the start of an audio frame, table, Video P frame or B frame (smaller).
    • Useful for Muxer analysis.
  • PESLine

    • PESLine
    • Clickable timestamps for the main video stream in stream order or presentation order (Sort).
    • Can view actual timestamps or relative timestamps.
    • The GOP order can be seen and used for deciding start and end points.
  • Timeline

    • Timeline
    • Current File timelime.
    • Double click a segment to load into main viewer
    • Double click inbetween segments to test the edit point between two segments
    • Double click extreme left / right of all segments to test start / end point of first / last segment
    • Click on the Timeline itself for direct jump access.
    • The Timeline is overlap aware. Simply change an edit point and click the Add button and TSPE will automatically update an existing EDL entry if there is an overlap.

Comskip / ShowAnalyser Import

  • Items are added to the markers list.
  • Double click a marker list entry to jump to that point.

Application Setup and Uninstall

  • TSPE now has its own installer which includes an evaluation licence if an existing licence is not found.
  • The uninstaller has an option of removing all TSPE settings.

Update Checking

  • TSPE can now automatically check for updates by choosing your desired frequency: On startup, weekly, monthly, manual or can disabled.
  • TSPE will check a version file on the TSPE website; no data is transmitted.

Enhancements and Bug fixes!

  • Table editor improved - now fully supports files which do not have a PAT or PMT.
  • Improvements to header decode.
  • TSPE temp licence can now edit .m2ts files.
  • Bugs in Resync now fixed.
  • Plus Many others!

TSPE Professional Version 0.813 (08/07/10) Alpha

  • Licence System more stable - Full licence holders will need to reactivate for versions 0.810 and lower.
  • Import / Export EDL improved.
  • Setup now determines if Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 needs installing and downloads and installs it automatically.
  • Setup now determines if Haali or FFDShow are not installed and gives the option of downloading and installing them automatically.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.

TSPE Professional Version 0.815 (26/05/12) Alpha

  • Online Re-Activation System - Full licence holders will be able to reactivate online (limited use).
  • Stability much improved over 0.813.
  • PTS Scan gap tolerance improved.
  • Number of scan errors limited to prevent crashes.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.