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Cut Commercials

  1. Set the Start and End Points for the first segment using the navigation controls

  2. Navigation Controls

  3. Click the "Add" button to add your start and edit points to the EDL (Edit Decision List)

  4. EDL

  5. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above for all your segments
  6. To test a join between two entries in the EDL:
    1. Select the first entry
    2. Hold the CTRL button down on the keyboard and click on the second entry
    3. Right click on the entry and select "Test Edit Point"
  7. You can move edit lines in the EDL window by dragging and dropping the line to it's new location
  8. You can delete a line in the EDL window by selecting it and clicking the "Del" button
  9. Once all your edit points have been set, Click the "Edit" button to begin the edit
  10. The status window will display the progress of the Edit
  11. Once finished, the Internal Viewer will launch so you can check your edit