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Table Editor


To view the Table Editor, select Menu Edit -> Table Options -> Table Editor...

Every transport stream must have a PAT (Program Association Table) and PMT (Program Map Table). The PAT can only contain PMTs (as well as a NIT (Network Information Table) or SIT (Selection Information Table)).
There are 3 logical levels:
  1. Top Level which contains PAT, CAT (Conditional Access Table), TSDT (Transport Stream Description Table)
  2. PMT - Contains elementary streams or PSI sections
  3. Elementary Streams or PSI sections - can not contain any other streams
The Table Editor lets you:

Create New Tables

A PAT is created automatically if no PAT is found in the stream.
You can create a PMT as follows:
  1. Select "PAT 0x0000" in the "Parent PID" drop down box.
  2. Type in the PID of the PMT you want to make, eg. 0x0100
  3. Select "PMT" in the "Stream Type" drop down box.
  4. Click "Update"
  5. Add your Video and Audio streams under the newly created PMT by ensuring the new PMT is selected in the "Parent PID" drop down box and setting the PID and Stream Type accordingly.

Move and Reorder Streams

Streams that are not under the PAT or PMT can be moved simply by selecting the stream to be moved and dragging it to the desired location.

Change Stream Types

The stream type of a stream can be changed.
  1. Select the stream you want to change in the PID tree.
  2. Select the type of the stream from the "Stream Type" drop down box
  3. Click the "Update" button.

Create New Stream entries

New streams can be added to the PAT or PMT as follows:
  1. Select the PAT (if creating a PMT) or the desired PMT in the "Parent PID" drop down box.
  2. Type in the PID of the stream you are adding in the "PID" box
  3. Select the Stream Type from the drop down box matching the stream type of the stream you are adding.
  4. If the stream you are adding carries a PCR check the "Has PCR" checkbox.
  5. Click the "Update" Button.
Your stream should now appear under the selected PMT in the table editor. Click "Save" to apply the changes.

Delete Stream entries

A stream can be deleted from the tree by selecting the stream and pressing the Delete Button.
You will be prompted for confirmation before the stream entry is deleted.

Automatically Sort the tree according to PID value

This option will sort the entire PID Tree according to PID value. PMTs will be ordered under the PAT and the elementary streams in each PMT will be ordered within the PMT they belong to.

Automatically Select the streams with Known A/V Stream Types

All common Video, Audio and Subtitle streams will be selected automatically and extra streams (such as data streams) which may be broadcast will be unchecked. Only checked streams will be present in the output.